Corporate Social Responsibility

Nature Herbs International has been operating its business with the measures of ethical business practices, compliance with all the provisions and code of conduct of Direct Selling. To ensure our brand trustworthiness and customer’s satisfaction, it has given highest priority in Quality products and safety.

For the assurance of quality products, Nature Herbs manufacturing units are operating with high standard of hygiene control and organic environment.

Nature Herbs is promoting Argo-based, organic, and herbal products. Our farms are focused on reducing carbon emission which ultimately helps to minimize Global warming and Natural disasters. We are implementing all the measures for safety and management of environment.

Nature Herbs is providing high quality Agro- based, herbal and organic products to its customer. By using online system our customers can purchase and sell its products for extra income. Our products are manufactured with high Quality raw materials available in the Nature.

Our employee are the valuable properties of the company. Nature Herbs is providing an ample environment for their growth, performance and career development. It provides training, education and supports to employee for skill development, knowledge increment and enhance their competency. Nature Herbs has taken all the measures of work place safety and health.

Nature Herbs is directly supporting to the farmers for their economic development by purchasing their Agro products i.e Tea, Coffee, and raw herbs. Our Agro farms are helping to preserve the environment and control the pollution. We are providing income generating opportunities via Direct Selling model of business. Nature Herbs Welfare Fund (NHWF) is providing various welfare support for needy people and community.