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YAK Milk Soap
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Yak Milk Soap Nature Herbs Yak Milk Soap, is an effective soap prepared from finest ingredients which include yak milk, yak butter, mustard, black sesame, churi, coconut, palm and olive oils. This soap contains natural glycerin which moisturizes skin which is highly beneficial. Ordinarily available soaps are prepared from animal fat, synthetic oil, harash preservatives and sudsing agent base oil which are extremely harmful for skin and causes allergies and irritations. Nature Herbs Yak Milk Soap contains no traces of chemical ingredient which cause any form of allergies and skin diseases. Soaps are ordinarily prepared from the mixture of animal fats, by products and various chemical which lowers their cost and quality. But Nature Herbs Yak Milk Soap contains ingredients like olive, coconut, palm and other extracts of plants. Benefits: 1. Refreshes the skin due to the presence of Antioxidant.
2. Smoothens, enhances elasticity, softens and supple skin.
3. Is effective in control of fungal, bacterial, viral and other types of skin disease.
4. Is effective In the prevention of acne and pimples

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